Esterase and peroxidase isoforms during initial stages of somatic embryogenesis in Fritillaria meleagris L. leaf base

Marija Petrić, Angelina Subotić, Slađana Jevremović, Milana Trifunović-Momčilov, Vojin Tadić, Marica Grujić, Zoran Vujčić


The aim of this study was to determine the enzymatic profile of esterases and peroxidases during early stages of somatic embryogenesis of Fritillaria meleagris L. Somatic embryogenesis was induced using the leaf base as explant on a medium supplemented with 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D). Zymography showed the presence of different moieties, six isoforms of esterases and peroxidases, during morphogenesis as compared to control explants. One isoform of esterases was detected only during the process of somatic embryogenesis, and one isoform was detected in control explants. Analysis of esterases with 1-naphthyl butyrate proved that esterases, which participate in somatic embryogenesis of F. meleagris, belong to the family of aryl esterases. For the first time it was proved that five isoforms of esterases, which are involved in morphogenesis of F. meleagris, belong to the family of aryl esterases, while two isoforms are carboxyl esterases. One isoform of carboxyl esterases was visible in control explants. This is also the first description of peroxidases during the morphogenetic process, and of the difference between aryl and carboxyl esterases. More isoforms of esterases during morphogenesis as compared to control explants are probably responsible for some early physiological process during somatic embryogenesis of F. meleagris.

Received: November 30, 2016; Revised: January 10, 2017; Accepted: March 3, 2017; Published online: March 10, 2017

How to cite this article: Petrić M, Subotić A, Jevremović S, Trifunović-Momčilov M, Tadić V, Grujić M, Vujčić Z. Esterase and peroxidase isoforms during initial stages of somatic embryogenesis in Fritillaria meleagris L. leaf base. Arch Biol Sci. 2017;69(4):619-25.


aryl esterase; esterase; F. meleagris; peroxidase; somatic embryogenesis

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