New Issue 74(4)2022


The Archives of Biological Sciences is a multidisciplinary open-access journal that covers original research in life science.

Issue 74(4) contains articles in a range of subjects in cancer research, including a paper describing three newly identified long non-coding RNAs, AC077690.1, AL049874.3 and AP00137.1 closely associated with the PI3K-Akt-mTOR and FOXO signaling pathways which can serve as novel therapeutic targets in prostate cancer (Li et al.); a paper describing the expression and genetic variants of IL-1β, IL-6 and IL-10 genes and their associations with colorectal cancer and colorectal liver metastases which supports the use of interleukin genetic variants as biomarkers to detect and predict clinical outcomes (Hazgui et al.); an article studying the anti-cancer activity of the polysaccharide extract from Lactarius chrysorrheus in different cell lines which provides insight into the development of a potential anticancer agent (Mutlu et al.).

A paper in biochemical toxicology examines the fibrinogenolytic activity of Montivipera raddei snake venom enzyme; the presented findings will guide studies aiming to identify new fibrinogenolytic enzymes, their pathology and their biotechnological potential (Atasoy and İğci).

A work in environmental pollution that investigates the lethal and sublethal effects of the pyrethroid insecticide tau-fluvalinate used extensively in agricultural activities on the non-target organism Gammarus roeseli shows that its use must be carefully reconsidered to minimize exposure risk (Sari).

A study in conservation biology conducted to investigate the level of genetic diversity in two populations of Centaurea amaena, an endemic species listed as critically endangered in Turkey, presents essential information for establishing effective conservation strategies (Atasagun).

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In 2022 the Serbian School of Molecular Biology celebrated half a century of existence. Molecular Biology and Physiology, as a novel study group, was founded in 1972 at the Department of Biological Sciences of the Faculty of Sciences and Mathematics, University of Belgrade. The University of Belgrade was the third university in the world to establish molecular biology studies and a department of biochemistry and molecular biology. The founder was the academician Dušan Kanazir, together with Ana Savić (1936-2022), his only assistant at the time, who is remembered and honored in the In Memoriam (Matić and Kojić).